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We often get enquiries from people and companies looking to invest in land and property who are prepared to pay us to find 'parcels' of land for them; especially land that is currently without planning permission. Of course; many of these people and companies are hoping to acquire land that may eventually have some sort of development potential.  Whatever their reasons; this situation has created a wonderful opportunity for us to offer clients a truly unique service whereby we can actually sell your land for you ~ totally FREE OF ANY CHARGE!

  • Because we are dealing with 'buyers' and 'investors' who will be paying us every time they buy any 'parcel' of land that we have 'located' for them ~ we don't need to charge you any fees or expenses whatsoever for finding a buyer and/or selling the land!
  • Similarly; as they will also pay for all the legal work and Land Registry charges involved; there aren't any solicitor's fees and charges payable either!

SO IT'S GUARANTEED: There are NO selling fees, NO legal costs, NO advertising costs & NO expenses whatsoever payable!

Selling property typically incurs solicitor's fees, estate agent or auctioneer fees, Land Registry charges, etc. and very often, depending upon the agency used, advertising costs too ~ especially as the relatively 'low' sales value of land doesn't generate the same fee income as the sales value attached to most properties that agencies will be selling.  By the time you receive the 'net' sale proceeds; you'll find that those various fees and charges have made a very substantial 'dent' in the monies you were expecting to receive from the sale of your property!  However now; you can avoid losing any part of the agreed price for your property by taking advantage of our unique service.

AND: You can realize a HIGHER price for your land as well!

Our unique service offers you one other huge advantage too; the very real prospect of getting a much higher price for your land!

Unlike 'normal' estate agencies that need to attract potential 'buyers' in order to sell a property by using a combination of advertising and 'competitive' pricing; i.e. your property has to be cheap enough to attract rather than deter 'buyers'; we don't need to be 'competitive' in order to find a 'buyer'!  Accordingly; unless you desperately need a very quick sale; we will usually achieve a sale for your property at a premium price of between 10% - 25% above 'normal' market-prices!

That's our unique service ~ selling land at a higher price without any fee costs whatsoever!



If you, or somebody you know, have a parcel of land that you/they want to sell; i.e. land without current planning permission from 300 - 400 m2 or larger in area; simply get in touch (details below) and we'll let you know whether we think it is the sort of 'land' that our 'buyers' and 'investors' are likely to consider purchasing.  If it is; we'll do everything necessary to sell the land for you ~ totally free of charge and for a premium price!


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To appreciate what our clients want and to provide an unique response that will create great 'added value' for them.

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